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3115 Saddle Creek Drive

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3115 Saddle Creek Drive

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Welcome to Legend Homes!

Legend Homes is proud to be a resource for you in your search for a new home.  Over the years we have been building and designing exceptional homes in the Peoria Tri-County area’s finest neighborhoods.  And, in every case, Legend Homes displays the absolute finest in design, craftsmanship, and materials.  Our business has thrived by providing innovative and intelligent designs that meet the needs of today’s homeowners. 

Each Legend home is uniquely customized for its new owners.  From the earliest planning meetings through construction and occupancy, our focus is on understanding your dreams and meeting your needs.  Our commitment to quality and service is a team effort that’s exciting and rewarding for all involved.  With Legend Homes you will enjoy the process from beginning to end.  The “secret” ingredient that makes this possible is our commitment to open and honest communication!

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Our Mission:
Legend Homes is in the business of building high quality custom homes that exceed our customer’s expectations, provide exceptional value to our homeowners and the communities in which we build.

To achieve this goal, Legend Homes, is dedicated to establishing new customers and maintaining a broad base of satisfied repeat customers who are served by a truly premier building company that provides a high quality product and outstanding customer service.